Giuseppe Pignatale

 The Triumph of the men of Good Volonta'

Promotion of the Global Development- Comfort

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 Aiutiamo a trovare i bambini scomparsi    You love your planet and oppose the illegitimate and inadequate use of the resources for set the bases of the society of the future: The Spatial Civilization.
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To left: "Aspirando a un mondo migliore: Strategia di successo. Vol.1" and to right: "Lotta globale per il Benessere" di Giuseppe Pignatale, the books of the alive people!   published on" Lulu (,
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The frontiers of the future: the Space and the Anti-desertification. Only becoming of the good pioneers, creating wealth, we will guarantee us a future.

In the sections Environment and Global Development come suitable like progress, "Thank you to Big Programs of Development" and to the Volonta' of each single Man of be active part in the society the that it is translated in the Popular Volonta' ready to progress for guarantee an uncertain future and fight the Evil of the Man: social and economic poverties, Illness, Hunger.

In the under-section Sciences- contained in general culture- soon courses of free specialization.

In the section hobby useful counsels for perform jobs and save up...